Siemens Digital Phone Systems


Siemens Phone Systems offers scalable solutions for consumers and Enterprise level markets that allow networks to run hundreds of phones through a single system.

Siemens/Hipath 3550

Max Digital Users: 72 Max Analog Users: 96 Max IP Users: 192

  • Support for Remote Teleworkers (Voice & Data) Over IP
  • Support for both Analog CO Trunks and BRI Trunks with Caller ID
  • Support for One T1/PRI Circuit
  • Supports CorNet IP
  • Supports CorNet Digital Networking (as an End-node)
  • Two Form Factors – 19” Rack Mount and Wall Mount Cabinets
  • Supports Three HiPath HG 1500 Modules

Siemens/Hipath 3800


Max Digital Users: 384
Max Analog Users: 384
Max IP Users: 500

  • Support Up to 500 IP Clients or 384 Digital Clients
  • Support for Remote Teleworkers (Voice & Data) Over IP
  • Increases PRI/CorNet/T1 Capacity to 5 Circuits
  • Supports CorNet IP
  • Multi-site Digital Networking (Hub or End-node up to 32)
  • Two Form Factors – 19” Rack Mount and Floor Mount Cabinets
  • Supports Eight HiPath HG 1500 Modules

Optipoint 400 IP

The IP phones of the optiPoint 400 family make integrating voice services into your IP data network as easy as plugging in a phone. While users enjoy all the benefits of advanced functionality such as intuitive menus and programmable feature keys, customers realize significant cost savings by routing voice calls over their IP network. At the same time, these versatile and robust IP phones reduce network maintenance and administration costs by allowing easy moves, adds, and changes (MAC).

Flexibility and convenience optiPoint 400 IP phones support the telephony features of the real-time IP systems HiPath 3000, HiPath 4000 and HiPath 5000. Special digital signal processors (DSP) and special acoustic algorithms for echo cancellation ensure excellent voice quality.


  • optiPoint 400 economy
    The cost-effective entry-level model for communication over IP.
  • optiPoint 400 standard
    Provides all features of the “economy” model. In addition, the optiPoint 400 standard has a built-in two-port Ethernet switch and allows handsfree talking and full duplex open listening.


  • Tiltable alphanumeric display with 2 lines, each with 24 characters, and adjustable contrast
  • 12 programmable feature keys with LEDs
  • 10 programmable speed-dialing destinations using the dialing keypad
  • 3 dialog keys for interactive user prompting system
  • 2 control keys (plus and minus) for setting ringer pitch and ringer volume
  • Multilingual menu system/display texts and generation of local tones
  • Memory for the last 20 calls that were not answered, including caller information, date, and time
  • Redial for the last 10 calls
  • Call waiting with camp-on feature
  • On-hook dialing
  • Telephone number display (Calling Party Identification)
  • Key click
  • Separate password protection for user and administrator data
  • Local time and date display
  • Inband and outband DTMF signaling Feature update by software download (via FTP)
  • Telephone numbers (E-164) or IP address en-bloc dialing
  • Protocols: H.450, H.323, H.225, H.235 (security), H.245, HFA (HiPath Feature Access), TCP/IP, FTP, DHCP, SNMP, SNTP
  • only optiPoint 400 standard: built-in 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet switch
  • only optiPoint 400 standard: Handsfree talking and open listening over microphone and loudspeaker in telephone


  • Save time with intuitive interactive menu keys and displays along with simple dialing capabilities. Direct dial keys are programmable, providing ease of use.
  • Reduced network maintenance and administration costs because optiPoint 400 IP phones can be added easily as the network grows.
  • When utilized with in-line power capability in conjunction with HiPath PH 24 power hubs, optiPoint 400 IP phones allow you to leverage UPS systems in the wiring closet.
  • User-friendly system administration features based on HTTP simplify system administration.
  • Fast configuration through Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) enables efficient moves, adds and changes.
  • Support for SNMP allows you to manage your network with existing tools.
  • Software updates and feature enhancements can be downloaded by using a free Field Deployment Tool. The tool also supports centralized administration configurations on the phones.
  • Application upgrades can be downloaded quickly and easily from the internet.
  • optiPoint 400 standard: delivering on the promise of a single wire to the desktop with a built-in-switch.

OptiPoint 420 IP

Everything You Expect From a Modern Phone.

With the new optiPoint 420 family, Siemens is offering a series of highly modern and flexible IP phones that can be modified to suit all requirements. Special features of the optiPoint 420 family include high voice quality provided by the G.722 broadband codec technology. A single-user interface and unrestricted access to wide-ranging and convenient HiPath ComScendo features of HiPath Real Time IP Systems makes telephoning easier and more convenient.

Features also include language selection, optional touch screen module and a JAVA platform.

The modularity and flexible expansion options make the optiPoint 420 phones cost-effective. You pay only for what you really need, and benefit from particularly low operating costs. Plug & call functionality shortens installation time, as well as reducing repair and maintenance costs. Feature updates are carried out via simple software downloads.

And, due to the standard interfaces and APIs, they are also easy to integrate into existing communications systems. Like all optiPoint phones, the optiPoint 420 family also boasts a high level of functionality and a modern, ergonomic design. Requiring little desktop space and particularly easy usage, the logically constructed, easy-toread user interface makes telephoning even more convenient.

Thanks to the latest in IP technology, all phones in the optiPoint 420 family support the full spectrum of HiPath Real Time IP Systems. This makes the phones especially flexible and cost-effective. By using the existing LAN for voice communication and power, phones need only one single cable at each workstation. An integrated miniswitch ensures that PC users can exchange data and voice simultaneously across one line from workstations equipped with an optiPoint 420*.

* Mini-switch not available for optiPoint 420 economy.

OptiPoint 420 advance

For all those seeking maximum telephoning convenience, optiPoint 420 advance is the optimum solution. Frequent phone users in particular will appreciate the expanded operating options, with a maximum number of keys for features, numbers and names. The optiGuide dialog keys enable interactive user guidance, while the large format, 4-line, back-lit graphic display, and the optional optiPoint display module make this phone especially suitable for image-critical areas, such as executive suites. The integrated USB port and modularity guarantee maximum flexibility, as well as future expandability.

  • 18 self-labelling function keys with LEDs and display
  • Tilting alphanumeric LCD display with 4 lines of 24 characters
  • Automatic transfer of key presets when a user logs on to a desk-sharing environment
  • Three dialog keys for interactive user guidance: yes, back and continue
  • Two control keys (+/-) for ring volume, ring tone, attention call and display contrast
  • Fully duplex hands-free loudspeaker with echo suppression for location adaptability
  • Integrated headset port
  • USB master port
  • One optional plug-in
  • Interface for optiPoint module
  • Optional wall mounting kit available

OptiPoint 420 economy

The optiPoint 420 economy is the entry model without compromise – value-formoney, but equipped with a wide range of functions. The tilting display enables viewing of the caller name and number and, with optiGuide, users have access to the full performance range of HiPath Real Time IP Systems, which assigns the five functions keys automatically. The labelling of the seven named keys can be programmed by the user via the service menu. Possible applications areas include office environments and point of sale.

OptiPoint 420 economy plus

The optiPoint 420 economy plus model offers even more flexibility. With a 10/100 base T mini-switch and integrated headset port, it is perfectly suited for open work environments as office environments and call centers.

OptiPoint 420 standard

optiPoint 420 standard fulfils all the requirements of a modern office workstation. Particularly suitable for all those who make more calls than most and, therefore, have higher demands. The fully duplex hands-free phone offers the highest level of voice quality, while the ability to support plug-in adapters and modules make this model easily expandable.

Siemens Opticlient 130

PC soft-client for Communication over IP (CoIP)

The IP-based communications software optiClient 130 turns your notebook or PC into a telephone, making it the center of communication with voice, data, e-mail and web capabilities. Whether in the company office, home office, at a customer site or on a business trip, optiClient gives mobile users access to the following functions at any time:

  • Mobility: Take your extension with you wherever you go, and make calls using the familiar HiPath Comscendo phone functions. No matter if you use the IP infrastructure of a company branch, or a nearby WLAN hotspot, all incoming and outgoing calls are routed through your personal extension.
  • Directory integration: Several different company or personal telephone directories can be integrated into optiClient 130 by using the LDAP service. You have access to your list of contacts even when you are not connected to the main directory server.
  • User friendliness: The modular user interface is intuitive to use and flexibly adaptable to user needs. Phone functions such as consultation hold, toggle or conference can be executed via drag & drop.


You can choose one of the following graphical user interfaces:

OptiClient 130 phone

This graphical user interface converts the familiar appearance of a digital phone with all its functions onto your PC screen. The telephone controls are shown on the screen and clicked with the mouse to execute the required functions. This needs no special training, since the procedure is just the same as using an actual telephone.

OptiClient 130 easyCom

This combines a variety of media – speech, data, e-mail and Internet – on a single user-friendly interface. The user is located at the center of this “communication circle” and communicates with it by moving the intended party from the address book into the communication circle, by drag-and-drop with the mouse.

OptiClient 130 office

Provides a comfortable and flexible interface that looks and feels like other MS-Windows applications.

Siemens Hipath Popular Phones

OptiPoint 500 Series

You should opt for the Optipoint 500 if you use the phone extensively and demand top-level equipment

  • Standard 12 Button Set
  • Advanced 19 Button Set

Opticlient PC Telephony

Turning your notebook and PC into a high-quality telephone

OptiPoint 400 IP Phone

Customers realize significant cost savings by routing voice calls over their IP network

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