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FAQs About Cloud PBX, Business VoIP, and More

USA makes switching to business VoIP remarkably simple and easy. Still, we know you probably have some more questions like “What is VoIP?” and “What’s unique about a hosted phone solution?”

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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is the newest technology most companies are moving to for making telephone calls over high speed Internet or Ethernet connections, such as FiOS, Comcast, or Time Warner.

At USA Phone we include Remote Managed Services for every client. This allows us to make changes to your phones & services remotely. In the event of a failure our included Remote Monitoring feature allows for the fastest way to ensure the trouble is found reported and repaired… many times before you even know about it! Always get Remote Managed Services & Monitoring included in your proposal. It will save you time, frustration, and and most of all money.

Not directly but we have close long-standing business relationships with Internet Service providers which allow us to recommend the best package for you and to assist you with placing your order.

From the user perspective, you just dial the person you are calling….just like any other phone call.

The primary benefits are excellent voice quality, robust feature set and much lower cost.

What happens if I lose my Internet connection then how will my phones work? DR is a built-in feature that always keeps your office and business up and running. Our Hosted equipment is offsite and located in the carrier co location protected facilities. In the event of a major outage taking down telephone poles, lines, internet and electrical power, your callers are still answered and are able to transfer to each person’s extension, voicemail, remote site or 24 hr answering service. Disaster Recovery is pre-programed in advance to ensure you are never out of business!

Whatever you need. We have systems with as few as 2 or three lines and some with hundreds of lines.

You would be dealing with a Company with over 30 years of experience in the telephone business servicing small, medium and large clients. We have experience pricing, provisioning and maintaining analog, digital and IP phone systems as well as all types of voice connectivity.

NO, the conversion to VoIP is very smooth. Your new phones will be deployed and fully operational, able to make outbound calls. At a predetermined date and time, your phone numbers will switch over from your old system and ring-in on the new system.

Yes and you can get phone numbers from anywhere in the USA.

We can request vanity numbers of your choosing which will be provided if available.

YES. It is reserved for your use and will not be taken away without your written approval.

YES, all of your numbers are reserved for your use and will not be taken away without your written approval.

YES and just about any other feature you may now have on your existing phone system.

Yes, calls can be forwarded anywhere including to your mobile device.

YES. You can use professionally recorded greeting for Auto-Attendants and/or for extension mailbox greetings.

Our system offers hundreds of features. Most customers choose to use only the features they need to do business in the most efficient way for them.

YES. Conferencing is available on all of our VoIP systems.

YES. We actually support 911 and the new Enhanced e911 emergency services.

YES. A dialed phone number can reach an extension directly or via an auto-attendant.

We have regular WEBINARS to show prospective customer how easy, fully-featured and flexible our system actually is.

You can check voicemail from you own phone, from any other phone on the system or from any phone in the world. Our system will prompt you for your mailbox number and your password.

Monthly payments are accepted via credit card (M/C, VISA or AMEX) or by direct ACH payment.

NO, not from us. You may incur charges for the use of the phone you use to check messages.

We supply all of the equipment you will need or you can supply the equipment from any other source. You will need an adequately sized Internet connection with a static IP address dedicated to your phone system. We can reuse you present computer network wherever it exists.

NONE. We do it all.

YES. We offer rental, leasing and outright purchase.

YES. We also support e-fax.


We include remote maintenance and programming changes for as long as you are our customer.

Call, e-mail or fax to our service department. We respond 24/7 to emergencies.

On line providers program the VoIP phones and ship them to your office. Once you get them, you plug them into your network connections and they are supposed to work. Check what you get… are you getting on site help or just on line support? Do they include POE Switches, Voice border controllers?

New VoIP phones can use little power bricks that each phone plugs into an electrical outlet or centralized power from a POE switch in the closet. Rule of thumb, for less than 3 phones the bricks are ok… small office, remote home use etc. Centralized Power from a POE switch is what 9-10 professionals will recommend.

For 2 phones or less, you will probably not have issues with voice quality… we have all heard jitter, drop calls and poor voice quality on cell phones… the million dollar question is –COULD YOUR BUSINESS RUN WITH POOR VOICE QUALITY? With 3 or more phones, its recommended to use voice prioritizing technology Voice border controllers that manage the voice traffic to ensure quality.

In today’s world, having a familiar person you know and can trust in huge! You don’t want to get caught up in finger pointing… is it your system? Is it the carrier?

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