Comdial Digital Communications

Comdial FXII Digital Telephone System

The Comdial FXII offers features for every business application along with digital technology to meet customers’ needs today and in the future.

Comdial’s FXII 480-port digital communications system packs over 200 features and functions into a compact package that solves a myriad of business communication challenges such as branch office networking. It uses existing FX station and line cards and also accepts Comdial’s upcoming IP Networking and IP Telephone. Traditionally, enterprise networking has been pursued by only the largest corporations. With FXII, you can network small branch office sites (30 to 45 users) with larger main office sites through digital or IP networking in a cost effective manner. With the expandable FXII, fiber optic expansion capability offers effective site coverage for campus environments such as business parks or university campuses.

Configuration Central Office Lines Dgital Stations Ip Stations Analog Stations
Maximum Capacity 240 480 128 480

Features Include

  • All Call Paging
  • ANI/DNIS Support
  • Automatic Route Selection
  • Background Music
  • Battery Backup
  • Call Costing and SMDA Reports
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conference Room – Private
  • Conference Room – Public 7 Party
  • Digital Wireless Telephone Support
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
  • Disconnect Supervision
  • DSS Status Button
  • E&M Tie Line support
  • E911 Line Type
  • Enhanced Night Mode
  • External Paging Interface
  • Flexible Station Numbering Plan
  • Hot-desking
  • Industry Standard Telephone Support
  • Interface (TSAPI) Support
  • ISDN.PRI Interface Support
  • Line Groups
  • Meet-Me Answer Page
  • Modem Support
  • Multiple Redial
  • Music Interface
  • Music On Hold
  • Networking (Both IP and ISDN)
  • Paging Access
  • Power Failure Transfer
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Station Hunting
  • Station Speed Dial
  • System Speed Dial
  • System Status Reports

Comdial MP 5000 Media Platform

The CONVERSip MP5000 Media Platform is a communications solution for small- and mid-sized enterprises. The new system combines telephony, computer and Internet technologies and uses the open standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). CONVERSip’s embedded SIP registrar and proxy enable real-time collaborative communications, unified messaging, video conferencing, presence management and more. The SIP registrar acts as a Presence Manager to display the presence status of other subscribers in the system (similar to having a Busy Lamp Field on a telephone, but with additional information such as text messages such as “out to lunch”). Comdial also introduces the CONVERSip EP300 Voice SIP desktop phone with 24 programmable buttons and EP200 Multimedia IP Endpoint for a Microsoft Windows XP PC.

The CONVERSip MP5000 Media Platform handles 40-400 users or up to 560 users per 5-cabinet site and networking of up to 14 sites. MP5000 is based on Comdial’s FX-II platform introduced in 2001 and will function as both a circuit-switched and a packet-switched system, supporting existing Comdial trunk and station interfaces and the FX-II feature set in addition to next generation technology. Comdial customers need not replace all of their current telephone investment, but can preserve existing equipment as they migrate to the new technology. FX-II customers can easily migrate by simply replacing the existing CPU card with the new “SIP Server Blade.”

Now your employees can tell the availability of the other party before they call and the best form of communications to use, reaching the intended party the first time, all done from your PC. The EP200 makes use of a “Contact List” usually associated with Instant Messaging. View the status of the individual and click to start a call. The EP200 will find everyone – whether at home, on the company network, hotel room, or connected wirelessly at an airport or café. And with hot-desking, shift workers can log into the MP5000 from any desk. Once logged in, the system recognizes the user, establishes their unique personal settings such as voice mail and call forwarding settings, and provides instant secure access to your IP communications network. This technology allows you to share and conserve valuable office space without sacrificing individual communication expectations.

System Telephones

For Vertical/Comdial FXII and MP5000 and most older digital switches

Description Model # Programmable Keys Display Levels Headset Jack? Notes
Digital Speakerphone EP100G-25 24 2 Y Edge series phone – Charcoal gray & pewter
Digital Console EP100-C48 4 levels x 48 None Y Edge series phone – Charcoal gray & pewter
Digital Full Duplex Speakerphone EP100G-L12 12 6 Y Edge series phone – Charcoal gray & pewter
IP Speakerphone EP100G-I12 12 6 Y Edge series phone – Charcoal gray & pewterFor use on LAN/WAN Or Public Internet
Digital Speakerphone 8324SJ-FB 24 2 Y SCS phone – Flat Black
Digital Speakerphone 8312SJ-FB 12 2 Y SCS phone – Flat Black
Digital Speakerphone 8212S-FB 12 None N SCS phone – Flat Black
Digital Console IB48X-FB 4 levels x 48 None Y SCS phone – Flat Black
Digital Full Duplex Speakerphone 8412FJ-FB 12 6 Y SCS phone – Flat Black
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