E-Fax with USA Phone

Fast & easy way to send and receive faxes

Faxing made easy

Send & receive from your phone, tablet or laptop

Why pay for the machine, dedicated phone line, ink, paper…
e-faxing is more convenient and cheaper!

Efax Service

How it works

Inbound Faxes:
User simply dials your e-fax number into their fax machine and their fax comes to your designated email address.

Outbound Faxes:
As easy as sending an email. Type in the fax#@netsatixfaxion.com (or designated address.) The recipient receives your fax just like any other fax (cover sheet and document.)

Please fill out the form below and someone from USAPhone.com will be in contact with you and you can get started sending and receiving e-faxes today.

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