PBX SIP Trunking

Cost effective business line solution

PBX SIP Trunking Solutions

PBX SIP Trunks (Session Initiated Protocol) are virtual phone lines that utilize a broadband connection – like an existing T1, Comcast cable or FIOS internet, – for access and connect your office phone system to our enterprise, carrier-class voice network.

Over the past five years, SIP Lines have been replacing and improving plain old telephone service lines (POTS lines).

With cost reduction and a host of other benefits and dynamics, SIP service is quickly becoming the “standard” business line solution, revolutionizing the way the world connects. SIP has proven to be the new standard in phone line service.

Reduce monthly communication expenses by more than 50% by switching to SIP!

Imagine reducing your monthly phone bill from $500 to just $240 — a $260 per month savings and more than $2800 per year!

SIP operates locally anywhere in the US!

  • Add local phone numbers in any city or state for $1.99 per month!
  • Connect multiple office calls for free
  • Utilize current phone systems, IP PBX, TDM PBX or your legacy equipment
  • Reduce the redundancy of POTS lines
  • Receive Disaster Recovery forwarding
  • Add a new or existing Toll Free Inbound Number

With options such as DID numbers in any city and state, E911 service and local number porting, SIP far exceeds the features and benefits of POTS or legacy phone services.

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