Local Government VoIP Phone Systems

We provide enterprise level VoIP phone support & service

Helping Local Governments Stay Connected With VoIP Services

All government institutions rely on having true unified communications so that they can provide service to people in they have pledged to serve. USA Phone can help you make the switch to VoIP Phone Service that will elevate your government office productivity, increase functionality and mobility, allowing you to add remote workers and connect multiple offices all in one system. We offer the most cost efficient and reliable Enterprise Class phone service in the industry.

Our Service comes with a full menu of essential features like Call Data & Analytics, 24×7 Remote Monitoring & Management along with 100% Customer Service Support directly from our Cherry Hill New Jersey Location. We will keep you connected.

We begin with a complimentary customer ROI Analysis Review to determine a client’s current voice / data operating costs, service configurations and requirements. Then we prepare a cost effective plan to improve all services by removing old technology while upgrading you to new and improved cost efficient technology and phones.

We always have the right cost & technology solutions for your Governmental Entity.

VoIP Phone Solutions Help Businesses Grow

Are you looking to replace your Premise Based Phone Systems or convert off your current VoIP Provider? Consider our Hosted IP Phone Solution with built in Disaster Recovery. Is the system you have getting old or expensive to maintain? USA Phone’s VoIP Solution is perfect for all businesses with one office, multiple offices & remote mobile workers in the US and even around the world.

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