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President / GM

Gregory Gutos


VP of Operations

Andrew Kazelis

VP Technical Dept.

Gordon Beck

VP Sales & Marketing

Dan Dailey

VP Quality Assurance

Carmen DeFelice

Pamela Van Brackle | USA Phone VoIP Systems

Controller Office Mgr.

Pamela Van Brackle



Valerie Mulcahy

Service Manager

Joe Groves

Senior VoIP Architect

Linda Scollon


Senior VoIP Technician

Nick Nelson

Michael Brooks | USA Phone VoIP Systems

Certified PBX Technician

Michael Brook

Helpdesk Advisor

Joanne Pierce


Helpdesk Advisor

Sean Adams


Helpdesk Advisor

Pete Tucci

Henry Chou | USA Phone VoIP Systems

Director Business Development

Henry Chou

Jim Smith | USA Phone VoIP Systems

Hosted VoIP Solutions

Jim Smith

Hosted VoIP Solutions

Thurman Gates

Mike Cerelli | USA Phone VoIP Systems

Hosted VoIP Solutions

Mike Cerelli

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