Mount Carmel Guild, Another Non-Profit Success Story!


The initial inspiration for the Mount Carmel Guild came from Trenton Bishop Reverend Thomas J. Walsh, who had organized a similar charitable association of Catholic women volunteers in 1911 in Buffalo New York. In 1920 he led the Diocese of Trenton to purchase a beautiful Italianate structure at 73 North Clinton Avenue to form headquarters for the Mount Carmel Guild. For more than 90 years Mount Carmel Guild has served poor and needy people of Mercer County. As our logo depicts, we will provide “A helping hand” to children, ailing seniors and impoverished individuals and families.

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The Emergency Assistance program provides emergency food to over 8,000 families per year feeding over 18,000 household members. Not only are some of our clients homeless, but our low income clients also include a significant number of disabled and or aged persons living on fixed incomes. Clients are referred to this program by numerous Mercer county agencies. Our staff assesses the needs of the entire family. Five days a week we distribute bags of food, etc. according to family size. Our Home Health Nursing program staff provides in home nursing services to seniors whose Medicare insurance has been exhausted and have no alternative care. Our population of patients is usually homebound with geriatric diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, lung and heart disease, stroke, cancer, neuromuscular disorders and arthritis.

Our Mission Statement

Mount Carmel Guild of Trenton enhances the life of those in need with their Body, Mind and Spirit

For more information call 609-392-5159 or visit

73 North Clinton Ave
Trenton NJ 08609

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