SNOM Phone Solutions

Easy collaboration, high productivity.

SNOM Small Business Solutions

SNOM small business solutions are entry level solutions with many features and are budget conscious so you can afford a professional phone system without the professional price. They deliver a friendly interface and easy operation to help you  increase productivity.

Snom DECT Base M500

SNOM M500 (DECT Base Station)

  • Up to 10 registered phones in single-cell setup
  • Up to 16 registered phones in multicell setup
  • Up to 2 registered base stations in multicell setup
  • The keys on each paired device lights up. Co-workers are instantly aware of call-handling for hold, busy, incoming and public broadcasting
  • Eight phones can connect to eight calls simultaneously
  • Unique paging system allows for broadcast paging to entire team
  • Cordless technology with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in belt clip enables staff to not be tied down to a desk set or single location
  • Long range inside and around the facility with no dead zones or dropped calls
Snom Desk Phone M58

SNOM M58 (DECT Desk Phone)

The M58 does not need an ethernet connection. This gives you the flexibility to place the desk phone anywhere within your workplace.

The desk phone has a large 5” (480 x 272) color LCD display and 24 self-labeling programmable keys (8 physical) with designated next page button, providing an easy user-friendly experience. The dimensions of the M58 are roughly 175mm x 240mm x 210mm with desk stand.

Audio keys with LED indication for Mute, Speakerphone, Headset and Volume. Other dedicated keys included for Message, Directory, Redial, Call History, settings, Intercom and Hold. Built-in Bluetooth® connectivity, with audio quality fine-tuned for maximum voice clarity and background noise reduction. Background noise reduction allows you to take calls in busy work environments without disruption to your calls.

Snom Wireless Phone M55

SNOM M55 (DECT Cordless Handset)

The handset has 2.4” (240 x 320) color LCD display and 6 backlit dual-color LED programmable keys. The dialpad is also backlit, enhancing the user experience. There is a shared directory that houses up to 500 entries and a private directory that hold up to 200 entries.

Like the M58, the handset also has built-in Bluetooth® connectivity, with audio quality fine-tuned for maximum voice clarity and background noise reduction. Move around the office or warehouse without loosing connection and background sound interference.

You can use the built-in belt clip to carry your M55 hands free. The dimensions of the slim handheld are approximately 188mm x 55mm x 35mm with the belt clip.

The long-lasting battery allows for up to 19-hours of talk time and the battery standby time when phone is not in use is upwards of 240 hours. Freely use your phone without continuous charging throughout the day.

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