Bratton Trusted The Wrong Service Provider Returns to USA Phone’s VoIP Phone Solution

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Bratton Law Group initially signed up for USA Phone’s VoIP Service Solution in 2017. At the end of their Term Plan they decided to try another VoIP Service Provider who promised better service and lower prices. USA Phone cautioned them on this course of action as always a door was left open should they decide to return in the future. Just 3 days before the full conversion and service transfer was complete a representative from Bratton Law Group made an urgent call for immediate assistance. The conversion and setup of their services left so much to be desired that they asked USA Phone to convert them back to their service as soon as possible. We are very grateful to be able to serve Bratton Law Group again and wish them great success in their future endeavors.

About Bratton Law Group

We are experts on protecting what matters the most with regards to Estate Administration, Estate Litigation, Estate Planning, Elder Law, Life Care Planning. Through our specialized service and compassionate attorneys and social workers, we pride ourselves on our core values, along with our compassion and advocacy. We all have something to protect. Before we advise, we listen. We explain your options and guide you toward making a decision that is in your best personal and financial interests providing the care that you deserve.

“My dealings with Bratton Law were exceptional. The staff was great and attorney Chris Bratton could not have been easier to understand. He put everything in laymen’s terms, which was very helpful. I would highly recommend this office. Thanks to Bratton Law Group I now have a relaxed mind.”

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