Maple Shade Township Chooses USA Phone’s VoIP Solution

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Maple Shade Township Chooses USA Phone's VoIP Solution
Projected Savings of $190,500 Over 5 Years

Maple Shade Township is located in Burlington County New Jersey, United States. What is now Maple Shade was originally formed as Chester Township on November 6th 1688. Chester was incorporated as one of New Jersey’s initial 104 townships by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on February 21st 1798. The name was changed to Maple Shade Township as of November 6th 1945, based on the results of a referendum passed that same day.

Maple Shade Township was first settled by the Roberts family in 1682 and developed in the early years, before the independence of the colonies, as primarily agricultural. For its first one hundred years, only Kings Highway served the area, providing poor travel, and residents chose travel by boat rather than overland as a result, until 1794 when the road that was to be Main Street was constructed to connect Kings Highway with the Cooper River ferry. Afterwards, new settlers and the families of the original settlers encouraged the division and sharing of the large plantations into smaller holdings, still agricultural in nature.

Maple Shade Township

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Joseph Andl / Township Manager got in touch with the experts at USA Phone because he wanted to find a way to reduce their carrier service costs & replace their aging premise-based phone system. Upon reviewing their specific requirements a USA Phone cost effective service solution was proposed which contained benefits, features, hosted IP phones & service while providing a 24×7 Managed Support. In addition, they were shown a way to save $190,500 over 5 years by eliminating non-essential carrier bills including dial tone numbers, T1 Service plus all applicable fees & surcharges.

VoIP Service / Featured Benefit

eFax to email service is available for every Hosted IP Phone with our VoIP Service

Focus on the best solution for your company

Don’t let price get in the way of your decision

We will match or beat any competitor’s price

Founded by Gregory Gutos in 1981, USA Phone is a Communications Consulting, Installation, Sales and Service Company headquartered in Cherry Hill NJ. Our experts specialize in providing Carrier & Internet Services along with PBX & Hosted VoIP PBX Phone Solutions to businesses in the SMB & Enterprise Level Markets.

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