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Covered Bridge Advisors Partner/Owner Matt Luciani was fed up with all of the trouble that came with his previous business phone provider – a big enterprise that fooled him into thinking they were a safe bet. Namely, the customer service experience was nothing short of a nightmare. Knowing how important phones are for operations and acknowledging how instrumental good customer service is to ensure telecommunications run smoothly, the Covered Bridge Advisors team knew it was time to seek something different and called the experts at USA Phone for advice.

USA Phone not only helped to return the phones to the previous carrier and get Covered Bridge Advisors out of their contract but was able to upgrade their new phones to the latest technology. This includes USA Phone’s new Wireless Conference Room Phone, allowing maximum use with the ability to move from office to office.

Don’t feel stuck – if your recent phone carrier decision is not working out, the experts at USA Phone can help!

About Covered Bridge Advisors

The mission of Covered Bridge Advisors is to provide our clients with trustworthy care of their investments and financial planning needs within the fiduciary responsibility we embrace. We strive to protect and grow client assets through retirement regardless of longevity. Our services include Financial Planning and Asset Management.

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Featured VoIP Service Auto Attendant

This feature allows you the ability to access your phone system’s portal from any browser and manage extensions, recordings, mailboxes and more. This feature also allows you to access call details and records.

Founded in 1981, USA Phone has been helping businesses across the country save money while enhancing their communications utilizing the most current technologies.

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