About Us

Company History Overview

USAPhone.com is a communications installation, service and consulting firm headquartered in Cherry Hill NJ. Founded in 1981, the company provides PBX phone systems to businesses in both SMB (3-499 users) and Enterprise level (500+ users) markets. Our process starts with a ROI review to determine our clients current voice and data operating cost and configurations. We review client requirements and prepare a plan to reduce cost and improve service. Our review includes removing old technology and upgrading to improved, more cost efficient technology. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent service and value. Our certified IEL review will Improve YOUR Efficiency, Enhance YOUR Communications and Lower YOUR Cost.

We are also experts with TDM PBXs, VoIP, SiP, Saas, and Caas and Hosted communication systems and solutions and will enable you to coverage your processes to obtain new levels of productivity and efficiency.

What makes us “different” (cooler!)

We improve efficiency, enhance communications and lower cost for every customer.
Many times, we are able to provide new equipment and service without adding any additional monthly operating cost to the client!

Our Mission

To Continue in Our Development and Research to Empower Customers with Easy to Use, Cost Effective, Yet, Powerful Communication Tools. We Are Committed to Providing Our Customers Excellent Service and Value.

Since 1981, USAPhone.Com has been providing communication solutions with a full portfolio of voice, data and networking products. We’re a leading supplier of Real Time Telecommunications Systems, Applications and Service. We are also Experts in the field of Voice and IP Communications and will enable you to Streamline Your Processes to obtain New Levels of Productivity.

Our Team

Greg Gutos
Gregory Gutos // General Manager / President
Greg has managed USA Phone and its affiliates for over 32 years. His IEL certified solutions provides your company with a technology review to remove costly outdated Voice and Data services and upgrade to new converged services with greater speed, ability with average cost savings of 50% or more. Work new technology into your current PBX or trade in and upgrade to a new IP, SIP PBX on the savings. Go to the Cloud.
Steve Silverman
Steve Silverman // VP of Operations
Steve has managed service businesses for 40 years.  As VP of Operations, Steve is responsible for all aspects of operations including purchasing, engineering, overseeing customer service and the service – installation technical teams.
Jim Smith // Vice President
Jim has been in the industry for 34 years managing some of the largest voice and data companies in the USA. His unique advantage comes from being a technician for 20 years before entering Senior management. In his own words, “give me 15 minutes and I will help your company make an informed decision that will improve your technology, enhance your efficiency, and lower your costs.”
Gordon Beck
Gordon Beck // Senior VoIP Expert
Gordon has 18 years of broad technical experience as a Telecommunications Service Technician. His fluent understanding of data network topologies, key systems and voicemail adds a new dimension to the level of tech support USAPhone.com offers to our clients.
Joe Groves //Service Manager // Dispatch
Joe has worked at USAPhone.com for 12 years with over 10 years as Service Manager planning and managing the installation and service of analog, digital and hosted IP telephone and voicemail systems. Joe is ready to help you run your business smoothly.
Pam photo
Pamela Van Brackle // Controller
Pamela Van Brackle, Controller, is responsible for all financial operations, including the management of accounts payable and receivable. She joins us with over 20 years’ experience in the field.
Shane Manning // Public Relations & Business Development
Shane manages USA Phone’s social media campaigns, implements brand management, and ensures all web related activities are functioning optimally. He also helps produce our Business Connections news stories, which provide clients with free advertising.
Michael Brooks // Senior Technician
Michael has been with USA Phone for 8 years. He carries with him 27 years of experience as an expert technician and is knowledgeable and carries certifications in both PBX and VoIP installations.
Dan Dailey // Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Dan has worked at USAPhone.com for over 24 Years. He offers Full Service Consulting Management, delivering a Current vs Projected Spend Analysis / Service Profile / Carrier & VoIP Proposal to aid the client’s decision making process. This extra effort educates the client, allowing them to fully understand how they will save money, and be comfortable with the conversion process and what they are purchasing.

Henry Chou // Sales & Marketing Expert
Henry is one of USAPhone.com’s newest additions, bringing his youth and his expertise in analytics, business development, and marketing to the company. As part of our staff, he will help improve the efficiency of your business through enhanced communications.